Mechanochemistry provides the means to react different solids with one another, in the absence of reagents and in the absence of solvent.  The application of mechanical forces through the use of ball mill reactors offers many advantages over traditional batch strategies.  Solvent-free or solvent-less conditions have clear sustainability benefits and as the reaction medium is homogeneous and highly concentrated, faster kinetics can be observed.  Furthermore, the experiments are easy to run and product manipulation and isolation can be greatly simplified.

The LabFact team are using mechanochemistry to improve organic transformations and in the synthesis of new materials and polymers.  For recent advances in mechanochemistry, see our key publications.

Members Involved

Key Publications: 

  • Mechanochemistry for organic chemists: an update, D. Tan and T. Friščić, J. Org. Chem. 2018, 18-33.