Rouen To Host First LabFact Launch Event and Training Event on Flow Chemistry

Rouen will be hosting the first LabFact launch event and training event on flow chemistry for the LabFact project! This event will be held on the 21-22 May, 2019 in Rouen and will focus on Flow Chemistry.  Invited speakers include well-known academics from Keele University, Osaka Prefecture University and ICS as well as industry representatives from companies such as Oril.  The event will include lectures, short communications and an industry showcase session where companies will be showcasing their wares to increase their visibility within the French(Channel)England region.  For more information, please click here.

LabFact events are aimed at industrialists in the France (Channel) England region but are open to all EU nationals. Delivered by experts in academia and industry, their focus is on using flow techniques and reagentless synthesis to make fine chemicals. 

If you work in that sector, or wish to showcase your wares at this event (or future events) and increase your visibility, do contact us!