Pareon Chemicals visit LabFact French partners for Cross-Channel Collaboration

Rouen & Caen

Professor Philip Parsons, the founder of the company Pareon Chemicals Ltd, visited Rouen and Caen partners from the 11th to 14th of February. The aim of this visit was to further develop the Cross-Channel collaborations initially discussed during the LabFact meeting in Caen in January 2019. It was also an opportunity for Professor Parsons to give a lecture about his academic research titled “Natural Products and Methodology: Tales of the Unexpected”.

Working with the Rouen partners, the main idea of the collaboration is to explore the biological potential of dearomatized scaffolds and investigate new reactions using high pressure or electrochemical activation.

After his lecture in Caen, Professor Parsons met the LabFact members of the University of Caen and ENSICAEN. Extensive scientific discussions took place between Professor Parsons, Sami Lakhdar, Stéphane Perrio and Jacques Rouden. An exchange of experimental procedures and products was planned with a focus on the chemistry of allenyl sulfoxides.

Left Photo: Professor Philip Parsons and Dr Julien Legros, Research Director at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) Right Photo: Dr Sami Lakhdar, Professor Philip Parsons and Dr Jacques Rouden, Professor of Chemistry at ENSICAEN